A Look Into Our Future


So a lot of people have been asking about what we’re doing with the new Lost Angels. Some have voiced concerns about anything being changed and what not.

First and foremost, the 12 years of Lost Angels with all our players was an amazing thing, but I really felt, there in its last year before I closed it that we had exhausted the meat and bread of the apocalyptic storyline that had been so much part and parcel part of our lives for so long. You can only top the apocalypse so many times after all.

Another issue I felt was key to the direction LA had gone was that Second Life has changed substantially since 2006, it went up a huge boom in our super busy periods where we were pulling in 70000+ traffic a day, only to now have fallen off quite a bit in total concurrent users. And a lot of us have moved into different lives now, the people that were in college with lots of spare time on their hands 12 years ago are now people with jobs and mortgages and children to think of. What people want now in SL is smaller endeavors they can jump into and enjoy amongst other people in the time that they have, LA’s RP was always serious business and it was always some of the best in Second Life, but largely the ability to get people in on long term, weeks long storylines is simply time prohibitive to many on the grid now.

So with that, the idea behind the redesign of LA is to make it smaller, more dense, and force people together as quickly as possible, to focus more on the basic foundation of what LA is, a dark place to do deviant and awful things to and with other people, in a very cool atmosphere that gives people a feeling that they really are in an urban environment that gives them a good amount of room to play in.

But because this is LA and its me building it, rather than just doing some kind of box with a road and a few buildings and calling it a day, the new LA will have a lot of depth allowing for a lot of exploration and base building underneath the semi-civilized veneer of the “real world” above it.

Some have expressed concern that we will lose our lore and the lore behind our characters but this is not the case. The Museum will return as a part of the new timeline, to ensure all our old lore is retained. And the new timeline is not too far off from our older timeline, just with some new angles to allow for new stories and RP to develop from that.

It is my hope that the new LA will do what the old LA did in SL so far back in our history, and take a bunch of people relatively new to live role play, and create new great role players from those new people, and with our old guard still with us, that is almost a guarantee.

So don’t worry, LA is still LA, there are still vampires and werewolves and demons and angels and humans and even things we can’t even quantify like Roddy Dagger there, but the new direction will give us some new life and attract new players to what we do, and give people new places in new storylines that can make history for the next decade to come.

Hopefully this helps a little on where we are going, now as far as why its taking so long…..well it’s me, I never build fast, but when I do get done, it’s usually pretty good 🙂