New(s) Site for CoLA

WTF is going on with CoLA? Well after a long hiatus we are beginning the new website for information and news related to the new build and new direction of CoLA.

I am currently spreading a lot of time between Second Life, Real Life Work, CCS based work and other projects but the redevelopment of CoLA for Second Life is a huge priority of mine.

The plan is to largely do a parallel lore design that allows for the induction of CoLA’s previous history into a new time line, there will be more information about this on the site as it progresses.

The city build is in progress, I do continually get diverted from it by other responsibilities but my full intention is to ensure that I am happy with what I have done, rather than just rush something into service.

You can easily spend time with members of the CoLA and Toxia communities at The Clique in Second Life though in the interim, it is being used as our interim meeting place until I finish the city.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we move into the new phase and era for CoLA.

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